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. looks like truck drivers are back in business, we will tell you if they plan to come back. facebook unveils a new program aimed at preventing suicide, the new feature you will notice on your facebook wall. also 20 minutes ago, a major development in the jerry sandusky abuse case, what the former penn state coach did in court this morning and an lawmakers are doing more to prevent child abuse. ktvu channel 2 news continues.
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. well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day is tuesday december 13th. >> a lot of low 30s, los gatos, 32 fair faction, there is another cold start to the day, highs will be in the 50s and we will have a lot of breeze and patchy fog. here is sal. good morning, golden gate bridge traffic looks good, the caution lights are up, watch out for the lane workers and and we are looking at the drive through san francisco. san mateo the speed is going well on 101. they managed to block
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workers who were showing up for their 3:00 a.m. shifts and this follows the day long protest from yesterday. >> reporter: well the truck drivers have started to lineup and if you take a look behind me... >> we are not going anywhere, we will be back and we are celebrating the victory, raise the glass or whatever it is you drink... [crowd noise] $[ applause ]$. they received confirmation that the port had been shut down. >> reporter: they were not able to get through here at 7:00 either and it is the nation's 5th largest port and they are told not to report for the evening shift. that call was made even as they began marching to the oakland ports. >> i understand some of the stuff they are talking about
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but what they are doing hurts me. >> reporter: but occupiers say some people have to make some sacrifices in order to benefit the 1%. some bicyclist tried to block a back entrance but again, everybody has left for now. this is the second time in less than two months, they have affectively shut down the port of oakland. they started accumulating about an hour ago and it was about an hour after protesters disbursed. although they have gone some promised to shut down the next shift and so far it seems they are not coming back. live in oakland tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us here on ktvu channel 2 news for continuing coverage of the port protest and we will have updates on the overnight demonstration every half hour here on the morning
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news and coming up, any developments, you can get updates any time as well by going to our website the city of san jose is offering an olive branch to the protesters. the city will drop all civil charges against the demonstrators if the occupied members agreed not to set up tents for the next few years. the city offered a deal to many during the recent protests. three have already agreed to accept the city's deal. providing instant help to people in crisis. that is the plan facebook is launching today to help prevent suicides. allie rasmus is here to explain how this works, good morning, allie? >> reporter: good morning, we know a lot of people spend a lot of time browsing the wall and if somebody writes a
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suicidal comments on their wall, a friend can report that to facebook. you can click on a link next to the suicidal comment and they can contact the national prevention lifeline. they can offer chatting directly with a crisis counselors. the program goes into effect today and the goal is to improve safety on the site and give people who may need help more resources. >> people are depressed especially with their finances and i think it is a good suggestion. >> i like the fact that, there is a place you can go and send a link to help for them, so that is pretty good >> and there have been many examples and in the pittsburgh area here, a man took his own
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life and the life of three family members had written suicidal comments on facebook a few days before it happened so this as a prevention goes into effect today. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. charges may be filed against a girl who sparked a massive search after she went missing. she was arrested on suspicious of -- suspicion of filing a false report. her family received a voicemail saying she was held captive. she confessed to police she made up the story to get sympathy from her family. she was released to her parents after her arrest. just about an hour ago, former penn state coach waved his right to a preliminary hearing on charges of child
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sexual abuse. that means it will go right to trial. this is video of jerry sandusky leaving the court just a short time ago. prosecutors say 11 alleged victims are going to testify and they were going to testify in that preliminary hearing this morning. coming up, we will have a live report from our washington d.c. room on a senate hearing this morning on legislation that will require anybody who suspects child abuse to report it to authorities. credit card scam has one bank taking action. fremont bank is issuing credit cards to 1,000 customers even if their accounts have not been compromised. it happened at 24 bay area stores. and they are also helping out blue star moms who were victims
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of that scam. the store gave them checks for $4,000 so they can continue to send care packages to troops overseas. they are ordered to cease- and-desist after running a one man sperm bank out of his home. he did not take the legally required precautions for health reasons. he has been giving bay area couples his sperm for free. he has fathered more than a dozen children from all races and from all economic background. now going back to sal, i am checking the toll plaza. >> you know me well, pam. we are looking at the toll plaza and there is more of a crowd for sure. first we will start with the east shore where people come from richmond and el cerrito.
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once you get to the toll we have a picture of that for you, traffic is getting crowded. now at about 6:15 is when they turn on those metering lights and then we get a bigger crowd there. as we look at the road sensors which by the way turn colors when things start slowing down, you can see a lot of green which means traffic is at the speed limit through the entire valley. 6:09 let's go to steve. thank you and a very cold good morning to you. it will be sunny today unless you are driving to southern california where they still get rain. we are on the dry side, draw attention, fairfield had a little north wind at 30 miles per hour. santa rosa between 28 and 30.
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redwood city 34 and even san jose and oakland airport 36 cold degrees. coldest kentwood 26 petaluma outside of town 32 and marshal 31. that is really cold for marshal. los gatos palo alto all holding on to 32 and i think i saw 31 at woodside. calm conditions at fairfield and one of our observers on twitter said there is no fog there but things are quiet. there is only patchy fog and that's a big system down in southern california, they are getting pretty good rain but not for us. we have it more on the dry side and after that it looks like we are back to hoe hum weather. cold start patchy fog, breezy, low pressure to the south in
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between we will have a northerly winds. cold morning, morning fog but not much, mainly clear and cold and 50s for temperatures, we have the weekend in view with about the same on wednesday and we will have light rain thursday, clearing out friday and the weekend looks dry but nights and mornings will be darn cold. >> yes, they have been. all right, 6:10 is the time and washington base is mourning the loss of four soldiers. they were not killed in combat but a helicopter crash on their own base. it may save california college students hundreds of dollars a year...
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. time now 6:14, army runs a training mission at training base south of tacoma. they plan to go to libya, making him the first pentagon chief. leon panetta says he wants to help the libyans move in the right direction as the people take back their country. this morning leon panetta arrived meeting with top commanders there san he will also -- and he will also visit
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with turkey in addition to visiting libya. allison burns is in washington d.c. where some members of congress are proposing new laws to protect children, here is more. >> reporter: congress is looking at the scope of the problem this year. advocates, first will be looking at the scope of the problem and advocates for children say 760,000 children victims of child abuse each year and there will be emotional testimony at the hearing this morning. sheldon kennedy will testify about the sexual abuse he suffered from one of his former coaches. he wrote a book about it called why i didn't say anything. right now only 18 states have laws requiring people who witness abuse report it to
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police. there is not a comprehensive mandatory reporting law in california and barbara boxer will be testifying about her bill to change that and how there is also a push in congress to penalize institutions to cover up abuse. we will have live coverage during my next update in about an hour. >> all right, thank you allison. state lawmakers will hear about a new proposal to cut costs for college students. they will unveil a plan to give college students to give access to free digital library. it would include textbooks for most division classes. the average california college students currently spends more than $1,000 a year for textbooks. the school board may qualify at today's meeting and they are categorized if they do not meet
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financial obligations. they show they may not be able to pay the bill through 2014 and the board is looking at approving $4 million to approve a contract for solar power at one of its schools. the house of representatives will extends the payroll tax cut up for a vote today. they contain several plans to pay for the tax cut including extending the pay freeze on federal workers for another year and gradually charging higher income senior citizens more for their premiums. however, they will not approve the republican plan because it ties the payroll tax extension to speed up an oil pipeline from canada to texas. well the man shot during last week's shooting rampage on a busy hollywood street has
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died. 40-year-old man died of his injuries after being shot friday morning. this is video showing 26-year- old tyler norman braman shooting at cars. police say he -- tyler was shotting at cars. police say they are still looking for the exact motive for the attack. the man accused of a shooting outside of a san leandro wal-mart on black friday will be in court today. an arraignment is set for 20- year-old watson. he is charged with attempted murder, two counts of attempted robbery and one count of robbery. watson was arrested last week outside of an oakland home after an hour's long standoff with police. police are continuing to search for two other men believed to be involved. they will take about
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facebook's proposed expansion. they are hoping to accommodate 9400 workers at its new facility on bay park expressway and that's going to affect neighboring palo alto. they released a report raising concerns about a potential housing crunch and also pollution from the increased traffic. 18 minutes after 6:00, let's check with sal for the commute. westbound highway 4 on summersville road, we have a crash and traffic will be busy in this area both eastbound and westbound, traffic looks good from concord into walnut creek. and also on 880, that traffic looks good with no major issues and traffic looks good if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, and the metering
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lights are on, let's go to steve. >> 40 degrees for sunset. >> that is really cold for them. >> yes, it is really cold and other locations are in the 20s and 30s but it is mostly clear out there, very dry air mass, let's get to the satellite and show you what is going on. patchy fog out there and temperatures will be starting off in the 20s and 30s with a few 40s. our system gave us some light rain but it is still rain on the go in southern california. not for us. i know semolina 25 and pam, you had a reading somebody tweeted you and said what? >> 28. >> 28 near san rafael? >> yeah. >> 28 near semolina and marshal and that's cold for marshal.
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a lot of 32s including palo alto and los gatos. it may brush us for rain thursday. lows are quicking in to southern california and 50s for temperatures today it will be sunny an extended forecast except for thursday we will get a little bit of rain and the weekend will be dry but cold in the morning. thanks, steve. commerce reports retail spending tapered off and climbed 2% in november and that's after increasing 6 / 10th in november. they make up for 70% of u.s. economic activity and it will not grow in the 4th quarter as forecasted. and in the video game series, they have reached a new system, just 16 days after it's
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debute last month in comparison, last year's call of duty block op needed a month to hit the $1 million sales mark and that became the best video game of all time. and controversy continues in santa cruz county, some warning most are getting after removing smart meters from their homes. and playing college sports on another continent, if pack 12 commissioner has his way... good morning, traffic is getting slow, nice drive through the santa clara valley and we will tell you more about the bay area commute and morning weather, stay tuned for more.
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. good morning, traffic looks good with just a little bit of slow traffic on the bay bridge, and it is dry. thank you sal. the house of representatives passed a bill that doubles the maximum fine for pipeline safety to $2 million. they have hired 2 more safety inspectors and that's still less than is needed. jackie spear is one of the several lawmakers who say the legislation is too weak.
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the senate is expected to take up the measure as early as today. time now 6:25, santa clara residents say pg&e is threatening to turn off their power because they disconnected their smart meters. she received a letter last week after she and a dozen other returned their smart meters because ofth concerns. pg&e agreed to install their analog meter. >> i am sad for one thing they would not listen to me and i had to go and pay an attorney, but the thing is what about other people having problems. that is my concern. >> well pg&e say smart meters are safe and it is against the law to disconnect smart meters. state regulators could come as soon as january that would allow customers to opt out of
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smart meters. and football basketball and china in the next five years, at let particular commissioner is in china this week and stanford has discussed playing in china instead of california and that could eventually lead to a bigger audience for advertisers. the men accusing jerry sandusky, it has all changed in the last half hour, jerry sandusky is going straight to trial.$♪. >> our occupied -- are occupied protesters done? and we take you live to new york where the opening bell is about to ring and we have news on retail sales affecting
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things today. that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 goes to your choice of 5 charities. with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news, welcome to the social networking software jibe and they are celebrating their ufo. they have raised $151 million pricing the stock at $12 a share. again based in palo alto, it was a good sign and the company is willing to go public, they are doing very well. so a couple of retailers are not doing so well. best buy is disappointing, urban outfitters came up with sales not so great and we will have all the business news in a moment. >> that is disappointing. well go ahead and smile, we will say good morning to you,
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good morning, it is tuesday december 13th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. just a couple of hours ago, occupied protesters managed to block hundreds of workers who showed up for a 3:00 a.m. shift. tara moriarty is out there now and a new work shift is about to start, good morning tara. >> reporter: that's right and this something we have not seen or heard, trucks moving to make pick ups and deliver risk and honking happily as they do so. once protesters cleared out, these guys were back in business. trucks were at a standstill yesterday morning around this time not able to get through. now cheers erupted as protesters received word that business has been shut down at the port. they told longshoreman not to report for last night's evening
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shift. last night they were told the same thing and lost money from the blockade. >> a couple hundred dollars because i didn't get to come in to the port so i had to stay local. we will get back to normal routine so it will be good. >> reporter: 3,000 demonstrators began marching from downtown and west oakland bart to the port later afternoon after the decision was made to tell long shore men not to come. this is the second time in less than two months protesters have affectively shut down the nation's largest port. things are moving well and they are headed towards their destination. they did mention they would come back to try to shut down one more shift but what we can see here does not seem to be the case. reporting live tara moriarty
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ktvu channel 2 news. and last night the protest at the port of seattle got out of hand... [crowd noise] >> take a look at the scene you can see pepper spray as police used it to break up a crowd that was trying to block the port. they were seen throwing paint at police. they made at least a dozen arrests but there are no reports of injuries. stay with us for continuing coverage of the port protest. we will have more on the port of oakland and any new developments coming up on the morning. done for get ktvu channel 2 news has all you need to know. california is bracing for
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more budget cuts. coming up at 6:45 the reason the cuts are being made and just how much the university stands to lose this time around. a new facebook program will be launched to help prevent suicide. if they make a suicidal comment they can report it next to the comment. then they can sends an e-mail with the phone number for the prevention hotline and they can also provide an option through chatting directly. >> you can save a life, especially during the holidays, people are depressed during the holidays and i think it is a good suggestion. >> the latest move is aimed at
6:35 am
improving safety on its sight. the toll plaza is going to be crowded this morning, good morning to you but there are no major delays when it comes to something out of the ordinary. westbound bay bridge backed up with a little bit of a wait and traffic looks good if you are driving here at the toll plaza. also san francisco, northbound and southbound 101 and on left you can see traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. if you are driving on the east shore freeway, traffic looks good driving out there and this is a look at 237 and traffic is moving a long slowly approaching, and that traffic is busy all the way down to mcarthur maze and to fremont
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that traffic looks good. let's go to steve. thank you kindly and we have a cold morning and i was looking and could not finds any upper 30s. north valley 42 and just some patchy fog but it is clear and cold, rain continues in southern california and that was a big system for them and it just gave us a little bit. we start off with mostly clear skies, patchy fog. 30s and 40s we will end up with sunshine. 48 to 52 at noon. and then 56 should cover it, it gets dark at 430. they continue to stay wanted up and they are taking their clouds with it, fairfield napa 27 degrees, woodside 1 degrees,
6:37 am
santa rosa -- woodside 31 degrees. the coldest i can find so far, you good folks up in semolina, 25. marshals 31, los gatos 32, palo alto, they are all there, i would not be surprised if they dip a little more. in southern california that system is producing a lot of rain. snow up in big bear and some people are getting precipitation but we are not. today and tomorrow, cold starts, patchy fog but there is lot a lot of fog and the breeze takes the energy away from that as well. sunny cool passive can and antioch. we could sure use more rain, after that the weekend looks breezy and dry and nights and
6:38 am
mornings are going to be cold. time now 6:37 there are major developments, the preliminary hearing is over and this case is now headed to trial. live outside the courthouse chris has more to tell us what happened, chris what do you know now? chris is still preparing for that and again, there was a major development and we will get those details for you. we do know jerry sandusky waved his right to -- waved his right to a preliminary hearing. the case is now proving to trial and we will take a break and be right back.
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. they managed to block workers getting to their 3:00 a.m. shifts. they are making it easier for facebook to allow users to
6:42 am
instantly connect with crisis counselors. and in the wake of former penn state coach jerry sandusky, they have introduced new legislation for anyone who sees or knows about a crime against a child must report it. today the state announced how deep mid-year budget cuts will have to be. they face largest cuts and the system could lose $100 million each and community couldn't fees could go -- college fees to go up. now the state parks were facing closure and they are staying open. they are located in santa clara county and they have reached a deal with private donors to help keep that park open
6:43 am
through 2015 and in fact 15 state parks originally slated foreclosure are now likely to stay open because of new partnerships. >> i think the plan is only temporary. we are hoping in that time period, the economy will improve and state budgeting improves... >> state parks in marin counties are also staying open. chp is investigating a big crash involving eight big risk north of los angeles. it happened on interstate 5 in the truck tunnel near state route 14. that crash caused a gigantic back up for miles. three people had to be treated for miles. some of the chemicals contain gas, crude oil and fortunately nothing had been ruptured. it had been raining throughout
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the day in the area but it's still not clear if rain caused that crash. muny buses and light rail incidents, four people approached a 20-year-old man and knocked him down before taking off with his cell phone. another incident occurred sunday when a man tried to steal a cell phone and wallet from a passenger and it all comes after a series of incidents last week including a stabbing on the bus. another big step to move, city council will give a final approval to build a football stadium next to great american. they will find out whether san francisco is still in the ballgame. instead of teddy bears and barbies, there will be
6:45 am
l1il0podl1sl0 and sports jerseys. it is all meant to help older kids who are sometimes forgotten, kraig? >> today's technology brings us these cars for our reindeers and we are at cent niche and -- again snatch and -- we are near the battery today. here is more. >> reporter: they have donated their limousines to take our shopping. our charity digs deep. we raise money to buy age appropriate toys for the salvation army. they have 18,000 families who register and typically they get a lot of toys from toy drives for very young children and kids aims four to 17 go
6:46 am
completely ignored. we divide all the money into groups of kids and by doing this we get l1il0podl1sl0, digital cameras, we get down jackets and skate boards and we get all kind of things that are important to kids and it connects them to their parents and let's them know their parents care about them. >> reporter: then what do you do with them? >> we load them into the restaurant and we have this incredible party and a toy handoff where all the toys are handed off and every single person who attends the party gets to touch each toy. >> thank you so much for giving us that idea and thanks so much. >> reporter: we will be
6:47 am
following this convoy so catch up with us on mornings on 2. reporting live kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:46 let's go back to sal, there is a fire that happened on the peninsular, what happened, sal? that is right, we have a house fire and that's where the fire department responded with several pieces of equipment. they are not only showing us the fire but you can see smoke coming from the house. we got word everybody did get out safely and it is hard to tell because it is dark but there is still smoke coming from this rather large house and reports are everybody did get out in time but the fire is still being mopped up. it looks like an overhaul option here. westbound bay bridge is backed up for a 10 to 15 minute wait
6:48 am
with no problems and if you are driving 880 southbound to the south bay it looks good and southbound 101 traffic is moving along nicely. we talked about the peninsular and 101 and 880 is looking good to the south bay. let's go back to steve. >> we have mostly clear skies, patchy fog, 20s and 30s but a very dry pattern for us. things are very quiet, southern california still getting in on the rain, 27 fairfield, 27 napa and it may be cold in your backyard. marshal 31 los gatos 32, palo alto all around 32 maybe even colder, southern california, it continues to march in with rain, snow in the higher elevations, las vegas had rain
6:49 am
yesterday and after patchy fog and a cold morning, a little breeze will kick in, 52 clear lake, ukiah 52, novato 52, walnut creek 54, antioch all the same, 153 and a lot of -- 53 and one of the warmer locations 55. 54 san mateo and the city 54 so everybody is pretty close here. and maybe some rain here, with your weekend always in view, except for wind, mornings are dry and winds are cold. jerry sandusky case at the preliminary hearing which was set for this morning is now over and this case is now headed to trial. live outside to tell us what
6:50 am
happened, good morning chris? >> reporter: good morning, dave, we have learned in just the past few minutes that decision by the defense to wave their right to this preliminary hearing was reached very late last night and from their perspective they wanted to shed some doubt on the testimony of another former assistant coach by the name of mike mcqueary. it was mike mcqueary who testified to the grand jury that he himself witnessed jerry sandusky engaged in a sexual act with a young boy in a shower room in part of a locker room on campus. now they decided they were trying to shed some doubt on his story but late last night it was better to go straight to trial and from the prosecution standpoint, they wanted to have one of the alleged victims on the stand to perhaps force
6:51 am
jerry sandusky into some sort of plea agreement but as far as we know the defense is saying they will not except any -- not accept any agreement because for their client who is 67 it would mean life in prison. >> he did talk a little bit, describe what he said. >> reporter: you know from our position it was difficult to hear but he said he is not going to surrender and he plans to see this thing through. >> that is our reporter and from the very latest of jerry sandusky, we will have more to update you with, stay tuned. time and money, also the latest plans for a bike path on the bay bridge, why critics will be out in force tonight.
6:52 am
good morning, we still have a fire that is in a neighborhood very much close to a high school and we will let you know what happened and what is going on now at this scene coming up.
6:53 am
6:54 am
. developing news, firefighters are on the scene
6:55 am
on ringwood avenue near the high school there and there are no reports anybody was hurt. allie rasmus was there and she will bring us more in a live report coming up on mornings on 2. police are looking for a gunman who shot somebody in an in and i out hamburger. the victim was shot in a car when he was shot. that victim is now listed in critical condition and investigators say this was not a random attack and that the victim was targeted. so far police have not released a suspect description. they are asking state agencies stop writing so many reports. the governor ordered state agencies to reduce the number of reports calling them a waste of time and money. they turn out about 600 reports every year and governor brown wants them to figure out which reports are no longer needed.
6:56 am
tonight cal trans will have plans for a bike path on the bay bridge. artists will show off the latest designs and many bicyclist will push for a path along the entire bridge. they will have a path to treasure island from oakland for the first time and there are still no plans for a bike line between the two islands of san francisco. traffic is going to be slow except for the carpool lanes which are going to be fine and there are no major problems on the bridge. highway 4 is slow all the way to antioch and most of it is stop and go to the willow pass grade. and if you are getting to highway 17, it is slow to the lawrence expressway. let's go to steve. thank you sal.
6:57 am
patchy cold, 20s 30s even some teens into lake counties and it's a brisk morning. sunny today highs will be in the 50s. >> all right, steve, thank you. time now 6:56 santa wants your help responding to letters addressed to the north pole. anybody who wants to answer a letter can stop by in the bay view neighborhood at 11:00 this morning. >> you can pick up letters on friday and by the way the 13th street post office is also taking part in the letters to santa program and it is a program you love, pam. >> it's really nice to help those kids. coming up next on mornings on 2. overnight news from the port of oakland. >> it is the entirety of the west coast... [crowd noise] >> reporter: why occupied protesters scored another victory against the so called 1%. and this facebook program
6:58 am
could help save lives, stay right here with us, we will explain. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪
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